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PHP Training

 PHP Training in Delhi

PHP and MySql have taken a major place in website development. It’s not only easy and fast to develop a program into but also gives an edge to utilize open source technology. In our PHP training program we offer in depth practical understanding of PHP, MySql development. During this course we take care of deliverables not just course content. Idea is to help learners prepare for the skill set required to get employed.

Website Development Training

With a good knowledge of basic and advanced PHP, one can develop any kind of web application. He can also do complete customization in open source technology applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Mambo, open cart etc. He can create online shopping websites and integrate payment gateway and other features.

At the end of the course participants can expect to develop dynamic websites and web applications, e-commerce websites and much more. During the classes we not only give exposure to live projects but also emphasize on practical learning by doing. Whether it’s creating a CMS, a dynamic form, a picture gallery, email alert or and advanced search we cover all.

For developing web application you need to learn a bit of HTML, CSS, javascript, jquery, PHP and MySql. Some knowledge of graphics gives it added flavor. We cover it all to make your learning complete. Join our PHP/MySql training and get prepared for job market whether you wish to update yourself for better carrier prospect or you wish to start a fresh, we will assist you thoroughly.

Course Objectives

After the completion of the ‘PHP & MySQL ‘ Course at JPIE, you should be able to:
1. Understand the basics of the Web Technology
2. Learn all major concepts of PHP and MySQL training that beginner developers need to master.
3. Round off your application development skills by understanding how to implement PHP on a website.
4. Gain the PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
5. Create forms easily using helper functions and work with form data
6. Use cookies and sessions with helper functions
7. Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
8. Work with PHP text mails and HTML emails
9. How to use and create functions
10. Object oriented concepts
11. Uploading files to server
12. Manipulate system files
13. Able to architect, write, debug, and run complete web applications
14. Test and debug a PHP application
15. Become a proficient PHP/MySQL web developer.

Who should go for this course?

This course can be taken by anyone who wants to be a Web Developer or wants to learn PHP & MySQL.


Basic HTML knowledge, basic understanding of computer programming language, internet, database, especially RDBMS.

Project Work

Project1: (i) Create basic HTML registration form using PHP. Post data to database and send an email.
(ii) Institution management website.

Why learn PHP & MySQL?

PHP scripting and MySQL database are one of the worlds most popular open source techniques used to develop websites. Add an advantage of you can develop powerful, dynamic and easy to maintain database driven websites. PHP, MySQL are also platform independent i.e. You can easily port a website developed on a windows machine to a Linux based apache web server with minimal to no changes.

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