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VBA and Macro

JPIE is engaged in offering best solutions and VBA training in Delhi NCR, India. We have extraordinarily experienced team leaders who are exceptionally adept in Excel VBA techniques.

Delhi is the secondary Business District which is again a major hub for computers and hardware using officials. VBA Macros training in Delhi helps people to develop the user-friendly applications.

Our firm has been the best institute for vba training in the entire Delhi region. Our trainers have always been the specialist in giving Corporate Training on VBA Macros in Delhi.

Visual basic Application Training helps the Data Analysts, MIS Executives, Data Mining sectors & even in Work Automation office. We train the employees how to work on an Excel Workbook using VBA and enables one to make Dashboards.

The VBA Programming training in Delhi targets to help the employees prepare the month end reports

JPIE doesn’t just excel in providing Advanced Excel or VBA training but holds skillfulness in giving PowerPoint Presentations Trainings as well in Delhi. And the people who want to be a part of the VBA Training curriculum shall learn more about this training by clicking 

People can’t simply get through the VBA Automation, VBA functions and macros without the training and support of the VBA experts. Thus, our expert trainers of VBA help in providing the best of skills and adequate knowledge on how to automate tasks by providing proficient trainings of Vba Macros in the Delhi NCR.

The Excel VBA and Macros training session in Delhi targets to cover up these topics:s


  • Starting with Excel Advance Functions & Advance Pivot
  • Introduction to OFFSET & INDIRECT
  • Advance Pivot table with feature & Tricks
  • Introduction to Code Copy & Paste from Google “VBA Code to”.

Module 01 – Introduction (Folder)

  • Introduction to “VBA code to “
  • Understanding the Head and tail of the macro
  • Basic Macro using Record Macro option
  • Module 14 – Recording Macro (Folder)
  • Using Macro recording to Separate data into sheets/Excel Workbooks
  • Using Macro recording to Merge data into sheets from multiple sheets/Excel Workbooks
  • Understanding the difference between normal recording and Relative reference recording
  • Using simple Editing techniques and copy & Pasting from recording
  • Introduction on Writing codes
  • Using OFFSET in VBA to make dynamic reference
  • Use of Simple codes with overview of For Each Next
  • (Upper, Lower, [WorksheetFunction.Proper])


  • Recap of what happened the last day
  • Understanding of Macro
  • Recording,Head and tail
  • Offset, Ctrl+Shft[Up,Dowm,Right,Left] etc.
  • Recap of what happened the last day
  • Module 03 – Getting familiar with VBA Interface (Folder)
  • Understanding the interface of VBA (Project/Property/Module) etc.
  • Understandin Data type and Objects
  • Module 02 – Objects, Properties, Methods (Folder)
  • Explaining of Object, Property, Method
  • Assigning data to containers & understanding data type
  • Understanding Selection techniques

Module 04 –

29) Range & Cells Selection Techniques (Folder)

Module 05 –

30) Range Navigation Techniques (Folder)

31) All selection techniques with demonstration (Range,Cell,Navigation)

Declaring Variable & Using them in Loops while understanding their types

  • Module 06 -Variable & Constant Declaration (Folder)
  • Module 09 – Tricks to Speedup Macro process time (Folder)
  • Module 08 – Loop, IF & their variations (Folder)
  • Understanding the concept of variable declaration
  • use of variable declaration in loop and trying out examples of variable loops
  • understanding the difference between declaring/not declaring variable
  • Understanding the use of public/private with some examples
  • Module 07 – Private Vs Public Declaration (Folder)
  • Module 11 – InputBox & MsgBox (Folder)
  • Difference between InputBox & MsgBox with their variation
  • Calling another macro from a different module
  • Understanding the use of public & Private sub
  • Use of Events, Understanding the difference between Form & ActiveX Control 1:30
  • Module 10 – Trigger Event-Based on actions (Folder)
  • Module 12 – Form & Active X Controls (Folder)
  • Use of Form controls on excel file & understand the use (Dashboard,Scroll, Etc.)
  • Types of events & ways to trigger them
  • Creating user form in Excel & by using Form from VBA
  • Using the above knowledge creating a simple form in exel to store data
  • Using Form from VBA & ActiveX control to design & program a form
  • Storing data in the same file/Saperate file
  • Uder Define Function (UDF)
  • Module 13 – User Defined Functions (UDF) (Folder)
  • Simple Function created by user
  • Using If/Select Case for UDF
  • Using Google to get UDF “VBA code to”

JPIE even offers the learners with the required Training in VBA, Macros and Automation in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida to help make the employees capable of competency in automating their own task.

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